Welcome to EvanGore.com. It's so great here.

Growing up a chubb-o kid in Milwaukee, the one thing I had going for me was, I could make anyone laugh.  I worked at it. I’m still that kid, just taller, hairier, and much funnier.  Back then, I was president of my Drama Club and Class Clown.  Later, I would go on to perform improv to packed houses in College, then nightclubs in Chicago, then Chicago's Second City, and in LA, TV commercials and network sitcoms. 

I kept on growing up too. Instead of working the nightclub crowd—now I crank out scripts for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and production companies in Hollywood, Vancouver, Barcelona, Paris, and Seoul, working late into the night, recreating those feelings of 7th grade and bringing them to life for real kids like my own who watch “Littlest Pet Shop,” and “Pound Puppies,” and laugh out loud at the “George of the Jungle” series reboot. 

When I was an actor, it was from an exuberant place of emotion and a love of sharing my take on the world.  When I became a writer, it gave my intellect wings to fly—and unlike acting, I actually got paid for it.  Sweet.  Now I help people put together their stories, whether I’m helping invent a TV series, or contributing stories to an existing series—or not in TV at all, helping market a product (I’m a frustrated Ad guy), and yes, I still do funny voices. 

There’s some things I can’t do: if you need your taxes done, DO NOT CALL.  Also, don’t come to me for tips about keeping your desk organized.  I also can’t loan you money.  I’m not bad at convincing you to work out, I also love the internet, and after I write this I’m going to have some bourbon if you’d like to join me.  Most of all, if you are looking for a “Johnny Popcorn,” idea guy who preaches “yes and” thinking to improv students, and brings it all onto the page, then look at my LinkedIn resume, Google me, drop me an email.  Let’s talk.  As you can see, I like to talk.